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summer fairTo all members we will be holding our annual summer festival in Pembrokshire on August 21 st. This will be a fun day out with lots for the family to do, a summer fair will be held for 3 days from August 21 st. We will have fair ground attractions for all the family, with contest for all the younger family members. A face painting tent is available for all children free of charge. A market Marque be there with all local produce from the county. If you want to download a 1/2 price ticket, go or call 07983 127824

Welcome to Pembroke County War Memorial

This private website is being set up to remember all of the men and women of Pembrokeshire who died in both World Wars of the 20th Century. Information will be added bit by bit, as it becomes available, and as time allows. A sister site to this is the Carmarthenshire Roll of Honour, which is a similar project, which has been set up in the same manner, to locate and record the details of all of the war memorials in Carmarthenshire, and to enable the commemoration of the memory of the fallen men and women of both counties online, in an easy to access database of records and photos. To navigate the site, please scroll down the page. The links to each page are in the list at the left of the screen. Just click on the link you wish to see.

Welcome to the Pembroke County Virtual War Memorial

The Men of Pembroke War Memorial, Haverfordwest

The aim of this website is to remember the men and women of the County of Pembrokeshire, in South West Wales, who gave their lives during both World War 1 and World War 2.

This site is mostly geared up toward men who fought in the Great War, due to the tremendous amount of research material available, but the men of World War II are not forgotten, being also remembered on this website, and more information will be added as it becomes available. These men are harder to research, as their Service Records are not yet available to the general public, so this will be an ongoing project.

The website will act as a database of all those from the County who fell during both wars, and will commemorate them on the relevant pages, using whatever whatever information is available on each person to build up a short biography, which will be published on the website along with any available photographs. For Towns that I have not yet got a transcript of the War Memorial for, the rolls will be built up purely through information from available sources, namely the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Soldier’s Died in the Great War, or local newspaper archives. I am always grateful for any information or photos that anyone can send in of any of their local War Memorials, as I can use the information in my research and ensure that no-one is missed out.

To give some idea of the loss of life in both World Wars, over 16 million people were killed in the Great War. On the first day of the Battle of the Somme alone (on 1 July 1916) over 60,000 casualties were incurred by the British and Allied forces (Made up of around 19,000 dead, and the remainder wounded or missing). During the Second World War, the number of people killed throughout the world was estimated at over 55 million. This stupefying figure includes the mass German slaughters of millions of Russian people and the near extinction of the Jewish Race in Europe.

Estimated Casualty Figures for the County

The Original Pembroke County War Memorial in Haverfordwest was erected in honour of the 1,300 men of the County who gave their lives during the Great War of 1914-1918. Ensuing research has uncoevered many more, so these extra men and women will be listed on the pages of the village where they had connections to, and their omission from the memorials will be noted.

This site will run in conjunction with my existing site, The Carmarthenshire Roll of Honour, and will be run in the same way, with a page dedicated to a specific area in Pembrokeshire, and with a seperate page to remember the men of each of the big Towns of the County. Hopefully in this way, all of the casualties of West Wales will eventually be remembered.

Information and Photographs

The main method of remembering these men is through photographs, either portrait photos of the men them selves, or of their graves or names inscribed on the various memorials. My database of War Grave and Memorial photos is growing constantly, and if anyone requires any copies of the photographs on the site, or indeed has any that they would be willing to share, please contact me via the link below-

About the Site Itself

This website will be split into a maximum of 80 pages. Because of a lack of web-space, the Rolls of Honour have been condensed, whereby Memorials from smaller villages have been placed on the page of their nearest Town or Village, usually by means of utilising the old systems of Parishes.

In addition to these rolls, there are separate pages on the local Infantry Battalion, the Pembroke Yeomanry, and on the R.A.F. in Pembrokeshire, and much more to be added as time allows.

I welcome any information or comments, whether positive or not, as it will help me to form the website, so please feel free to use the Contact Form on the site, or the link above.

If you wish to donate toward the costs of running and maintaining the website, please feel free to do so by visiting the Shopping Cart page, where a donation can be made via Paypal. This will help cover the costs involved in obtaining photographs both myself and via Third Party sources such as Bob Pike, who gives me a lot of help. If you require photographs of War Graves or Memorials in Belgium, France, Salonika or Gallipoli which are not of men from Carmarthenshire, then Bob’s e-mail address can be found in the Links Section.

Donations to the Site

This work is a labour of love, and is entirely self funded. However, the running costs of the website, and the purchase of war grave photographs from other sources are significant. To this end, any donations towards the upkeep of both this and the Carmarthenshire sites are most welcome, and help to continue to build up the archive of photographs and information on the fallen. The eventual aim is that copies of all collected material will be donated to the local Archive Offices or County Museums at Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.


News Items

17 May 2010. The War Memorial at St. Patrick’s Church, Pennar has been added to the site, courtesy of Basil Hughes, who sent in the list of names.

12 July 2010. The Fromelles web page, which was uploaded to help trace relatives of the fallen from the battle, has been removed from the site, due to the completion of work by the CWGC, and the forthcoming dedication of the new Pheasant Wood Military Cemetery, at Fromelles, on 19 July 2010. In its place has been added the Pembroke Dock KSLI Memorial, which commemorates the fallen members of the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry who trained at Bush Camp, and fell during the Great War.

24 August 2010. I have just returned from a tour of France, where over 1,500 photos were taken, of war graves of local men, and also of Welsh Regiment soldiers. These will be added to the site as they get sorted through. The Goodwick Great War Memorial has also been added, after Mike Berrell kindly sent in a photograph of the memorial plaque.

19 January 2011. Burton, Mathry and St. Ishmaels War Memorials have been added to the website. The Links page has been deleted for now, as the website has reached its mazimum amount of pages (80). I am looking at other options.

28 February 2011. The Whitland page has had to be removed to leave space for the Steynton War Memorial to be uploaded. As Whitland is really in Carmarthenshire, this doesn’t affect this site, as the memorial is listed on my Carmarthen County War Memorial website. Please follow the link on this page to the other website.

1 March 2011. The Milford Haven War Memorials pages have been tidied up, and are now split into World War One and World War Two, for ease of use. Several additions have been made, of men born in Milford, but not named on the memorial. Also the War Memorial at St. Martin of Tours Church at Haverfordwest has been added to the website today.

15 April 2011. The memorials of Jordanston, Little Newcastle, Letterston, Llangloffan, Llanrhian, Mathry, Pontfaen, Trecwn and Trefin have been added to the website, and grouped together on one page, Letterston and Area Memorials.

2 May 2011. The Rosemarket War Memorial has been added to the site, courtesy of Mr. David Wildman, who kindly sent in photographs of the memorials.

25 June 2011. Almost 100 photographs have been added to the site, many on the KSLI page.

30 June 2011. The Pembroke and Monkton page has been amended, with some errors corrected, and the details of several previously unidentified men added.

10 August 2011. Around 40 photographs of war graves have been added to the website, after a recent holiday in Belgium. Some poor quality photographs have also been replaced. Michael Bloy has kindly sent in photographs of the war graves of the local men buried at Cologne Southern Cemetery, Germany, and these have been added also.

28 September 2011. The Pembrokeshire Heroes page has been updated, with several more men added, plus some newspaper photos. The Memorials of the Parishes of Mathry, St. Nicholas, Jordanston and Granston have been grouped together on one page, and taken off the Letterston page.

10 November 2011. The Pembrokeshire Heroes page has been updated, with  many extra men added, also some photographs have been loaded on.

5 December 2011. Over 60 new photographs have been added throughout the website.

8 December 2011. Hook War Memorial has been added to the website, and has been placed on the Llangwm page, due to their close proximity, courtesy of photographs and information supplied by Graham Johnson.

21 December 2011. The Pembroke Dock and Tenby WW2 pages have been updated and amended.

12 January 2012. The Tenby pages have been updated, with several men added, who aren’t commemorated on the memorial. Also several war grave photos have been added.

18 January 2012. In line with my other website, I have added a page looking for help with information regarding several men and women of the Counties of Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire who died as a result of the Great War, but are either not commemorated by the CWGC, or I have failed to positively identify them. Any information which can help to identify these people, the locations of their graves, photographs or any information, will be used to attemp to put together evidence to forward to the CWGC to enable them to commemorate them. Please see the new page for more information-‘Help- Uncommemorated Local Men’.

Work is still on-going to develop both this website, and the sister website- the Carmarthen County War Memorial. As with this site, any information or photographs of the War Memorials and War Graves in both Counties would be most welcome, and any information on the local regiments is always needed for further research.

The Carmarthenshire site can be found by visiting the link Carmarthen County War Memorial

Local War Memorial Books

After a lot of work and research, I have decided to publish War Memorial Books for the Villages of Llanddowror, Whitland (including Lampeter Velfrey) and St. Clears, along the same lines of my book on Laugharne. These books are being printed as paperbacks, and contain details (and photographs where available) of all of the men of these Villages who lost their lives during both World Wars. I have also updated and republished the Laugharne Roll of Honour.

Please click on the link below if you are interested. If there is enough interest, more books on the War Memorials of Carmarthenshire will be written and published in due course.

Steve’s War Memorial Books


My name is Steven Jon. I was born in Laugharne, and attended Laugharne V.C.P., and Whitland Grammar Schools. Upon leaving school, I gained an Apprenticeship as a Mechanical Engineer, at the Royal Aerospace Establishment, Aberporth, and have since worked as an Engineer for Dairy Crest, McCain Foods, BMI Healthcare, and now for Muller (yoghurts), where I still work in Engineering- through necessity of supporting my family, not choice! Due to a work-related move to Muller, in Shropshire, I had to give up playing rugby for Laugharne, and found myself with plenty of spare time. This seemed the ideal opportunity to try and unravel the mysteries of the ‘John’ family tree.

After researching my family tree I discovered that my Great Grandfather, Lance Corporal David Thomas John, of Laugharne, was killed in the Great War. He served as an original member of the 4th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force, and was one of the original men who landed at ANZAC Cove, on Gallipoli, on the 25th, April, 1915. He survived the terrors of Gallipoli, and fought through the beginning of the Battle of the Somme in July 1916, being part of the victorious First Australian Division who captured the German stronghold of Pozieres. He died whilst leading a patrol to discover the exact whereabouts of the German Front Line at Mouquet Farm on the 18th August, 1916, aged just 25. His grave was lost in the following fighting over the area, and so he is remembered on the beautiful Villers Brettoneaux Memorial to the Missing, on the Somme. His death left my Grandfather, John William John, fatherless at three years old.

A couple of years back, prompted by this discovery, I wrote a book about the men of Laugharne who died in both World Wars. As a result of the research that I undertook, I began compiling information about the men of the villages nearest Laugharne, but this again escalated, so I decided to undertake the research & compilation of a Roll of Honour for the whole of the County of Carmarthenshire for both Wars. As part of this research, I am in the process of photographing as many of their War Graves and Memorials as possible, and of trying to build up a collection of photographs and information about the men, which is being entered into a database, so far with around 2,800 men who lost their lives in World War One, and over 1,000 men who lost their lives in WW2. Also I discovered that my Great Uncle, Harry Montague Allen of Whitland, was fatally wounded while attacking Mametz Wood with the 15th Welsh, and that my Great Grandmother lost her first husband in the war, James Richards of Haverfordwest. This has prompted me to venture into the County of Pembrokeshire, and to start a similar project for the County that will run in conjunction with the original.

The website is the sister site of the Carmarthenshire Roll of Honour-

Carmarthenshire Roll of Honour

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy the website, and please feel free to comment, politely criticise or to send in information- it all helps to build the site!

Contact Details

For anyone who does contact me, I will reply to all e-mails as soon as I can, unless I am away on holiday. I would be grateful if anyone who does contact me would please acknowledge my replies.

Please note, I seem to have a problem replying to e-mails from people with SKY e-mail accounts. Could the family of Llewellyn John who contacted me recently please get back in touch, for this reason.


None of this work would be possible without a lot of very valuable help, and my gratitude is given to those who have, and still are, helping with this project. Acknowledgements are given to individuals throughout the website, but I must thank my main contributors here; namely Les Nixon, for his assistance with photographing memmorials and war graves throughout Pembrokeshire; to Bob Kettle, for his ever continuing supply of material from his own local research; to Mike Berrell for sending in dozens of memorial photos; and to Bob Pike for his assistance in photographing war graves from France, Malta, Salonika and Gallipoli. Much of the work on this Pembrokeshire site would not be possible without their continued assistance and support.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission provides a valuable, and much forgotten service to the casualties of both world wars, and to their families, by providing a very high quality service with regards to the maintenance and upkeep of the thousands of war graves and cemeteries scattered throughout the world, and by providing information and help to researchers. In fact much of the personal detail on the men within this website comes from their extensive database.

Chris Baker’s excellent website, ‘The Long, Long Trail’ proved useful for biographical information on the various Army Divisions, and, along with the associated ‘Great War Forum’, is an excellent tool for someone wishing to trace their military ancestors. The link to this site is on the Links page.

Polite Notice

Most of the material used in this website has been photographed and compiled from various sources by the Author, except where otherwise noted. Due to the immense amount of hard work, time and money that has gone into the website, I would appreciate that if any material is copied for anything other than personal research, that the copier would ensure that permission is granted from myself, and that acknowledgement is given to this website.

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